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Ferris Wheel


9-8-2023: Successfully drove Prius to and from Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. A 'white knuckle' trek. Was sweating bullets due to all the bad drivers. Even went 10 miles below speed limit. 
Fitted out with gear for Artemis II Mission: Orion to Gateway, followed by build-out of Base Camp. Relearned and practiced instrumentation. Set for Fall, 2024 launch.

9-10-2023: Practiced drinking Tang through very skinny straw for Mission.

9-15-2023 Shaved deficient soul patch.

10-2-2023 Another white knuckle drive back to Greenbelt. More bad drivers. New "Axiom" space suit to try out. (Old ones lacked Bluetooth).This one is "off the rack." They said to try it on "for size" anyway. Will have to return post-alterations.

10-3-2023 Another frightening drive. Suit looks good. Practiced not shaving. Cannot bring myself to practice not bathing. 
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