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Quirky characters collide chaotically in Rieger’s darkly comedic detective novel. The author demonstrates an exceptional ability to create eccentric personalities that are lovable, detestable, and everything in between… An eccentric detective novel bursting with comedy and personality. - Kirkus Reviews

Clonk! is an exceptional crime detective novel, with a fusion of mystery and dark comedy. The clever juxtapositioning of dark and comedic elements will keep readers thoroughly engaged. Kev Dixit is an endearing crime detective, and the supporting, eccentric cast, adds to the comedic charm. Clonk! captures the essence of lifelong friendships, and the camaraderie and banter amongst the friends brings a sense of warmth and familiarity to the characters. Spanning multiple timelines, the plot unfolds slowly, keeping readers guessing to the very end. Clonk! offers a refreshing and entertaining take on the detective genre.

If you’re a fan of detective stories and enjoy dark humor, you will love this book.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Reader's Choice Book Awards

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Finalist: CIBA Mark Twain Humor and Satire

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